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UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA Midterm EXAM SUMMER 2011: Solutions Course Name & No.: Economics 246 Sections(s): A01 CRN: 30994 Instructor: Betty Johnson Duration: 2 hours NAME: STUDENT NUMBER: V00 This exam has a total of ___ pages including this cover page and ___ separation handouts(s). Students must count the number of pages and report any discrepancy immediately to the Invigilator. This exam is to be answered: _X_ In Booklets provided Marking Scheme: Q1: 4 marks Q2: 4 marks Q3: 4 marks Q4: 4 marks Q5: 4 marks Q6: 4 marks Q7: 6 marks Q8: 3 marks Q9: 3 marks Q10: 3 marks Q11: 5 marks Q12: 6 marks Materials Allowed: Non-programmable calculator Answer ALL QUESTIONS (Total Marks = 50) .
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DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA ECONOMICS 246: STATISTICAL INFERENCE Solutions Term Test : Summer 2011 Instructor: Betty J. J. Johnson Instructions: Answer ALL questions. This exam has 8 questions. One formula sheet and 3 statistical tables are attached. Total pages: 9 All answers should be in the answer book. Total Marks =50; Time allowed =110 minutes. Question 1: Multiple Choice: Choose the best answer. (1 MARK EACH) 1) If the variance of X is equals 17 and the sample size n=36, the population variance is : *a) 612 b) 17 c) 289 d) 4.1231 e) cannot be determined. 2) Suppose ‘W’ is the width of all toilet seat covers used by all hotels in Victoria. Suppose W ~N(15, 9). A random sample of 36 covers is drawn from this population. What is the probability that the sample average width is more than 14 cm? *a) 0.9772 b) 0.0228 c) 0.7486 d) 0.6293 e) Cannot be determined since the distribution is undefined. 3) Suppose ‘H” is the height of all seven year olds in an early morning gymnastics class which is normally distributed, H~(42, 4). A random sample of 12 children is drawn from this population. What is the probability that the sample standard deviation is greater than 3 inches?
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midterm246_summer_solutions - UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA...

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