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11F_Mid1_Info - under Cobb-Douglas production function and...

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Econ 204 Instructor: J. Li MIDTERM 1 INFORMATION Friday October 7/11, in class Material: Whatever we have covered in class, assignment 1, quiz 1, and textbook readings up to Chapter 5.2, before exchange rates. Regarding the material in the text, concentrate on the material that I have stressed in the lectures. Format: It is a closed-book exam and out of a total of 40. You have 50 minutes. There are two sections. Section 1 (20 marks) Answer 20 multiple-choice questions. (All questions there are fair game.) Section 2 (20 marks) Answer BOTH of the 2 following questions in your exam paper. (i) Short answers : provide brief explanations . (ii) Solve the problem like in the assignment: Income distribution analysis
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Unformatted text preview: under Cobb-Douglas production function and equilibrium analysis in markets for goods & services / loanable funds. (Show how you derive your answers for full marks.) Calculator: Any calculator that does not contain memory for notes. Cell phones and computers cannot be used as calculators. There will be calculations so bring a calculator. Office hours: Tuesday 1:30-2:30pm, Wednesday 1:30-2:30pm Fan’s Office hours: Thursday 1:30-2:30pm (BEC318) Please drop by and introduce yourself and ask a question. You can pick up your marked assignments (early submissions only) from Fan during her office hour. Also, please take up issues regarding marks on the assignment first with her....
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