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Econ 204 Instructor: J. Li INFORMATION FOR QUIZ 1 Time and Place: In class, Tuesday October 4, 2011 Duration: 20 minutes. You may be time constrained so know the material well. Material: Anything related to - simple/general money demand, Quantity Theory, Fisher equation and equilibrium analysis on money market - production function and associated characteristics, factor price, income distribution, average productivity and equilibrium analysis on market for goods & services/loanable funds Calculator: Bring a calculator . Cell phones and computers (or anything that communicates or
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Unformatted text preview: holds text) can’t be used as calculators. Marking: The quiz is out of 5 marks. You’ll need to show your analysis for full marks. However, if you show you work neatly and explain what you are doing (in the notation that we use) you will get healthy part marks if you do not provide the correct numerical answers. Do not use different notation or formulas from other sources! Even if you get the correct answer you will not get full marks as we don’t know how you’ve derived them....
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