Classifying EBD and ADHD - the information provided. Tommy,...

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What difficulties did you experienced with classifying each of the students? What thought processes allowed you to come to your conclusions? Why do you feel that EBD and ADHD might be difficult to define and identify? I had no problems identifying the differences between the three. The last case, Stephanie, showed some signs such as easily distracted, talkative, and relationship issues that almost led me to believe she has ADHD but she did not have a lot of the other characteristics. She was also no suffering in her grades. The big thing that revealed she was not was the lack of motivation because she was lazy. Often with ADHD, they struggle because they have a hard time learning the material. Her grades were not suffering. I broke down each of the case studies and went off
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Unformatted text preview: the information provided. Tommy, who was aggressive, a loner, bully, etc. was easy to distinguish from ADHD because of those characteristics. I could see how it could be difficult to decipher between the two if the teacher has not spent enough time with the student or maybe the classroom is too big to give the adequate attention to the students. They each have a few characteristics which could lead you to believe it is actually the other. The best way to determine the correct diagnoses is to discuss the issues with the parents. Once the child has had an assessment done and has seen a doctor, the results will be more accurate. From that point, behavioral modifications can be made and medicine can also assist in the process, if needed....
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Classifying EBD and ADHD - the information provided. Tommy,...

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