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Lab 4.3 Vi is a very complex, confusing and powerful text editor. However, it is the only editor that is pretty much guaranteed to be on any *NIX machine that you need to work with. The commands used in vi are also used in many other *NIX programs such as man, more, less and many others. Therefore it is imperative that you at least learn the basics of the program. 1. Open this brief tutorial <. ./. ./extras/vi-TextEditor.pdf> created by the Chicago Field Museum <> * If you have problems DO NOT use the contact information in the file rather contact your instructor 2. On your VM switch to one of the text consoles and login as root 3. Complete the the tutorial * In the tutorial it states that you cannot move the cursor in Input mode. This is correct in a standard version of vi. We are using an upgraded version called vim which does allow us to move the cursor in Input mode 4. Use VI to add the line alias notepad='echo Notepad only exists in Windows, please use vi instead' to the end of the .bashrc file
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