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Week 4 Assignment HUMN-424 Narrating has been a very important part of literature and film. There have been numerous works of literature set to a narrative theme. One of the greatest examples of narrative literature is The Sentinel by Author C. Clarke, which proceeded to inspire the cult classic film 2001: A Space Odyssey and later the book by the same title. The Sentinel by Author C. Clarke opens to the setting of the narrator describing the setting of the moon. The narrator, the faithful guide for the readers, paints the basic setting for the readers; he directs the audience’s attention to the simple marvels and elegances of the moon. The narrator is a member of an expedition in 1996, who specializes in geology. The expedition was given the task of exploring the southern part of Mare Crisium, a great walled plain. The narrator wonders what kind of life may have lived on the moon millions of years ago. The narrator presents the tasks of the expedition as if it were something as simple as fixing coffee, but in reality the majestic setting of moon was something the narrator could never get tired of. The story proceeds to present the living habits of the expedition crew and how even across space there were still the simplicities of Earth habits happening, like shaving and waking to the smell of sausage cooking. The story has a turning point of excitement when the narrator notices a glimmer of in the mountains, which sparks an interest in the narrator. The narrator notifies his fellow crewmembers of what he witnessed and how he wants to explore his discovery. While most of the crewmembers mock the idea of going and exploring the mountains, one of the crewmembers decides to help with the exploration. The two curious explores proceeded to climb the steep mountains. The ascension was far from an easy task due to the lack of areas to grab, but the explorer’s resolution would not falter. After an extensive climb the narrator reached the ledge of
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the plateau and made the most amazing discovery. Before the fateful explorer was a “pyramidal structure, twice as high as a man, that was set in the rock like a gigantic, many-faceted jewel” (). The impressive structure brought a monumental sense of awe to the explorers, but that sense was
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Week4Assignment - Week 4 Assignment HUMN-424 Narrating has...

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