GEOSC 010 - RockOn #1 Points Awarded 13 Points Missed...

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Unformatted text preview: RockOn #1 Points Awarded 13 Points Missed Percentage 100% Scientists receive government funding primarily because: 1. They help humans do useful things. A. They are all sexy. B. They use a careful method. C. They all drink Diet Pepsi because they think it makes them look sexy. D. They learn the Truth. E. The government is often interested in seeing people live longer, or improving the economy, or having better and more-accurate explosive devices for the military, or in many other things that improve our lives, and science plus engineering and scientific medicine are better than any other human activity at delivering these. A cynic might say that politicians are often not all that interested in finding the Truth. And a realist would note that science is being improved all the time, and because you cannot improve on the Truth, science has not (yet?) learned the Truth. There are many methods in the world, some of them are careful, and many of them are not funded by the government. Some of our spouses or significant others may think that some scientists are sexy, but many other sexy persons are not funded by the government. One of the professors has been known to drink a competitor of Pepsi on occasion, and some scientists refrain from soft drinks entirely. Points Earned: 1/1 Your Response: A The best description of a scientists job is that she or he: 2. Uses the scientific method to learn the Truth. A. Invents new ideas, and shows that some ideas are false. B. Uses only high-tech equipment. C. Invents new ideas, and proves that some ideas are True. D. Is always sexy. E. Much of the fun in science is coming up with great new ideas (hypotheses, if you like fancy words). But for your new idea to win, you have to show that it does better than old ideas, so you have to prove those old ideas false (or incomplete, or not-quite-right, or whatever nice word you might prefer). The scientific method is a powerful way for humans to learn to do things, and learn what does and doesnt work, but the results of science are always open to improvement, so are not claimed to be Truth, and probably are not Truth. Some scientists still use pencils and look at things, and there are probably a few non-sexy scientists around somewhere. Points Earned: 1/1 Your Response: B The final arbitrator between two alternate theories (for example Aristotles and Newtons ideas) is: 3. A public opinion poll conducted by Gallup, ABC News, and Fox News. A. The Nobel Prize Committee in Stockholm, Sweden. B. Nature, and experiments conducted to test each idea. C. A committee of "wise men" who gather twice a year to arbitrate such disputes. D. Unlike painting or literature, scientific inquiry has a well-defined procedure for figuring out if Newton's ideas are better or if Aristotle had it right all along. In looking at a painting, we can ask different people what they think, or we can make up our own mind on whether we like it or not, and that is perfectly valid. In science, we have to ask: does the idea fit with the way the world works? Can I perfectly valid....
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GEOSC 010 - RockOn #1 Points Awarded 13 Points Missed...

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