Act 1 - over Demetrius love again. Scene 2 Setting: Cottage...

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Act 1 Scene 1 Egeus - dad of Hermia, chose Demetrius for daughter to marry Hermia - daughter of Egeus, is in love with Lysander worst punishment by father if doesn’t marry Demetrius: death or life as nunnery Lysander – in love with Hermia Egeus is made at him for stealing daughters heart Demetrius – Egeus choice for daughter Was engaged to Helena but abandoned her when he met Hermia Theseus – getting married to Hippolyta frustrated b/c taking to long to get married Agrees with Egeus that daughter should obey him Helena – is in love with Demetrius Jealous that Demetrius likes Hermia and not her Hippolyta – getting married to Theseus Helena tells Demetrius about Hermia && Lysander leaving, so Helena can win
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Unformatted text preview: over Demetrius love again. Scene 2 Setting: Cottage of Peter Quince Peter Quince Director of band of amateur actors playing at Theseus && Hipppolyta wedding Assigned roles but everyone argues about the roles Nick Bottom entertaining and foolish Wants to play all of the roles Part: Pyramus Francis Flute mender ((a person who repairs or fixes)) Doesnt want to play female part but happy b/c hair can grow, with out cutting it Part: Thisbe Snug joiner Part: lion Play = tragic story of Pyramus and Thisbe((2 lovers)) dies during secret meeting Botton wants to play lion to get girls attention Nervous that if Bottom plays lion he will frighten women to death Thesuse will hang if women are frighten but bottom says he will turn it down Snug keeps part of loin b/c bottom has to play lead part; Pyramus Everyone must memorize lines && meet at Ducks Oak tomorrow...
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Act 1 - over Demetrius love again. Scene 2 Setting: Cottage...

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