Bio chart and web - ratolio 10 Heterotrophicaly insect Mosquea steveorama 11 Heterotrophicaly insect Fleabia diasis 12 Autotrophicaly plant

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Taxonomy Chart Kingdom Phylum Genus Species 1. Autotrophicaly Plant Sunkisses baskisstics 2. Autotrophicaly Fish Fishlista goldista 3. Heterotrophicaly Fish Humanoda finno 4. Autotrophicaly Plant Marinie wheatanina 5. Heterotrophicaly Mamal Humanoda cuatrolia 6. Heterotrophicaly Fish Humanoda tennies 7. Heterotrophicaly Insect Roacho icky 8. Heterotrophicaly Insect Aqualie spideroda 9. Heterotrophicaly mamal Greenisha
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Unformatted text preview: ratolio 10. Heterotrophicaly insect Mosquea steveorama 11. Heterotrophicaly insect Fleabia diasis 12. Autotrophicaly plant Grassinta poisoniana 13. Heterotrophicaly mamal Greenisha fuzzymuzzy 14. Heterotrophicaly insect Roacho butteriebutt Food Web Sun Humanoda finno Marinie wheatanina Sunkisses baskisstics Humanoda tennies...
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