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Contemporary Moral Issues Final Exam Fall 2011 For the final exam I will choose a subset of these questions. 1. What is the purpose of morality ? – Figure out the difference between whats right and wrong, and guides ones behavior. 2. Describe the “Benefits Argument ” – (Utilitariniasm) what’s best for the majority 3. Describe the “People as Means” argument . – (People as end) The right thing to do is whatever you do to treat one as an end in their self. 4. Describe the “Wrongness of Killing” argument . – Do not kill people 5. Describe the “Wrongness of Discrimination” argument . – (Principle of Equality) Peoples intrests should be considered equal. 6. Describe the “Slippery Slope” argument . – Do something as long as it does not cause bad things in the future. 7. If we apply the “People as Means” argument to Baby Theresa’s case would it be morally right to have a transplant? -No 8. Is the argument you gave in question 5 a sound argument according to Rachels? - Yes 9. What is a cultural relativist’s approach to ethical truths? – Different cultures have different truths/morals. 10. Is it true that Rachels agrees that there are no objective ethical truths? False 11. According to Rachels, different cultures have different moral codes (true/false) - True 1
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12. What are the elements that every proof needs to justify a moral argument according to Rachels? – Culture Values 13. What is Ethical Subjectivism ? – Moral truths but matter of what subject wants to believe. 14. According to Stevenson, moral language doesn’t describe facts it describes - what ought to be and what is. 15. Leiser’s analysis of the argument on “how homosexual acts are wrong because they violate the natural law”, shows that… - it’s a way to apply the case (what was said in class) 16. Ethical Egoism claims that we have duties towards others (true/false) - FALSE 17. The main difference between Psychological Egoism and Ethical Egoism is… - Psychological is theory of mind and Ethical is theory of us. 18. From an Ethical Egoism perspective you can never act in a way that helps others (true/false) - False 19. Ethical Egoism (EE) is about doing whatever you desire (true/false) - TRUE 20. For an EE altruism is self-defeating. This means… -You should help others based upon the principle of equality. 21.
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Contemporary Moral Issues Study guide For final - 1...

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