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“The Ottomans controlled access to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic sea trade. … Russia desperately wanted passage for its grain exports across the Black Sea and into the Mediterranean Sea” (698). Russia finally won the “window on the sea” or St. Petersburg after a 21 year war. The Crimean War in 1853 was between the Russians and Ottomans, fighting for the Ottoman Empire. The Fate of the Ottoman Empire and St. Petersburg is impacted by geopolitics. The
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Unformatted text preview: Ottoman Empire was known for its strategic location, which Russia favored and wanted to get control of. This reminds me of St. Petersburg, and how Peter the Great fought Sweden for this piece of the Baltic coast. A war was fought for each piece of land by the sea but had a different purpose for the land. Russia wanted the Ottomans Empire for trading while Peter the Great wanted St. Petersburg for traveling west....
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