In Antonys - In Antonys's Speech he discusses.1 Brutus as...

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Unformatted text preview: In Antonys's Speech he discusses...1. Brutus as an "honorable man". This was sarcastically said by Antony because in his speech he was proving to the citizens how Brutus was not honorable. Antony couldn't say Brutus wasn't honorable because he promised to not say anything bad about the conspirators. 2.Antony also referred about Caesars will. Brutus said that Caesar was ambitious but in Anotny's speech he was able to prove Brutus wrong by telling the citizens of Rome about Caesar will, which in fact only benefited Rome's people. 3. Also discussed was Caesars bloody body. Antony was seeking revenge on Brutus and the rest of the conspirators. By discussing Caesars body he was able to stir up the citizens. *Antony was promoted to speak to the citizens of Rome to help them remember how Caesar was a good man and how he loved each and every citizen of Rome. *The citizens of Rome were the desired audience for Antony's speech....
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