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The Netherlands weird laws

The Netherlands weird laws - summer is never very hot b...

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A) The Netherlands weird laws  a. It is legal to smoke pot, buy it, or have less than 5  grams with you. b. Prostitution is legal but the prostitutes must pay taxes  like any other business - prostitutes must pay taxes. c. It is against the law to urinate in a canal  - unless you are pregnant. d. It is illegal to impersonate a blind person after dark. B) The Netherlands Geography a. Weather -    typical mild maritime climate -    wet and mild, winters are rarely strong, 
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Unformatted text preview: summer is never very hot b. Geography- located in North Western Europe, at the West and North-West coastline the North Sea- the country borders with Belgium from the South and Germany from the East and Northeast Sources; 1)http://www.amsterdam.info/netherlands/ 2) http://www.weird-websites.info/Strange-Laws/The-Netherlands-Holland-laws-most-stupid-weird-10-old-legal-rules-online.htm...
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