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The Crucible PLOT (Structure) Despite being a four-act play, The Crucible can be analyzed in terms of the traditional five stages of tragedies . The introduction (also called the exposition) introduces the elements necessary for understanding the action of a play. The exposition of The Crucible takes place in Act I. Here, Miller sets the scene and reveals key information about most of the important characters in the play and the conflicts which are soon to explode. Proctor's guilt over his liaison with Abigail, Abigail's mischief, Putnam's pettiness, and Parris' fear of witches are all central to the events which are soon to unfold. In the rising action of a play , the conflicts, themes, and events introduced in the exposition begin to be set in motion. The rising action of The Crucible begins in Act I, with Parris and Mrs. Putnam encouraging the belief in witchcraft, and continues through Act II, in which personal prejudices and accusations replace seemingly harmless suspicions and questionings. As the action rises, reason is increasingly
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