time management - B’Oris 1 Lauren B’Oris Professor...

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Unformatted text preview: B’Oris 1 Lauren B’Oris Professor Bryant English Composition I 31, August 2009 Time Management Can you guess how many female CEO’s there are in Houston? If you guessed one then you are correct. This female CEO from Houston must have excellent management skills to be so successful. In order to be successful there are many different techniques. A key component to success is time management. I interviewed three people who I consider successful, my mom, my dad, and a good friend Matt Schneider, to learn their time management strategies. Mothers do a lot, as we should all know. They take care of the house, prepare the meals, bend over backwards for their children, and some maintain a job outside of the home. I consider moms to be extremely successful for they are able to balance all the weight that is on their shoulders. My mom likes to prioritize her schedule chronologically. She keeps a monthly calendar that she refers to. She tracks events, meetings and special occasions on her calendar. calendar that she refers to....
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time management - B’Oris 1 Lauren B’Oris Professor...

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