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Without A PAddle Paper - BOris 1 Donnie T. BOris Professor...

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B’Oris 1 Donnie T. B’Oris Professor Clarke English 165W.09 30 August 2009 Without A Paddle It’s always difficult to pick a favorite movie, because there are so many good ones but after a lot of pondering I found myself to believe that Without A Paddle is by far my favorite movie. It’s about best friends and one lost treasure, what could go wrong? This is the story of four inseparable childhood friends Billy, Dan, Jerry and Tom from a small town in Oregon who reunite at the funeral of their fourth friend Billy. They decide to reconnect with their youth and honor him by going on a river trip treasure hunt that Billy had very carefully planned for the four of them to take. The three soon find themselves in over their heads and literally up the river without a paddle. Ultimately the lesson learned is to never underestimate the value of life because every second wasted is a second of happiness you will never get back. I find this movie very entertaining as an offbeat comedy, with a trio of friends determined to find the missing two-hundred thousand dollars from a bank robbery that vanished years ago in the mountains with a legendary air plane hijacker D.B. Cooper. While searching for the mysterious treasure the three friends encounter a myriad of problems that turn into a nightmare. The first day of the trip goes by as planned with a minor encounter with the sheriff but when a large hungry, deranged brown grizzly bear
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Without A PAddle Paper - BOris 1 Donnie T. BOris Professor...

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