syllabus - Fall 11: CSci 5421Advanced Algorithms and Data...

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Fall 11: CSci 5421—Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures Instructor Ravi Janardan University of Minnesota–Twin Cities Minneapolis, MN 55455 OFce: 6–217 Keller Hall (EE/CSci Bldg.) Phone: (612)–625–7338 Email: [email protected] URL: janardan OFce hours: MW 1:30–2:30 p.m. Class Web page: Welcome to CSci 5421! In this course, we will discuss a variety of techniques for the design and analysis of eFcient computer algorithms and data structures. Topics that we will cover include divide-and-conquer, dynamic pro- gramming, the greedy method, matroid theory, balanced search trees, augmented data structures, techniques for amortized analysis, design of amortized-eFcient structures (e.g., splay trees, dynamic tables, persistent search trees, ±ibonacci Heaps), various graph optimization problems (e.g., short- est paths, minimum spanning trees), as well as some randomized algorithms and data structures. We will explore the theoretical underpinnings of these methods and will illustrate their uses with examples drawn from a variety of problem domains. To succeed in this course, you must be familiar with elementary data structures (lists, stacks, queues, heaps, trees, etc.), basic algorithms (sorting, binary search, etc.), standard analysis techniques (summations, big-O notation, etc.), and some basic probability theory (random variables, expected value, etc.). Such background can be obtained by taking, for instance, CSci 4041 or by reviewing Ch. 1–3, 5.1–5.3, and Appendices A, B, C.1–C-3 in the text. I will assume that everyone is familiar with these concepts and will not be reviewing them in the course. If you are unsure about your background for the course, please talk to me right away. Additionally, you should read ahead for class, attend the lectures regularly and participate actively in them, and work out as many problems as possible from the text. Please do avail of the assistance o²ered by yours truly and by the Teaching Assistant(s). We’re here to help you do your best. The rest of this write-up describes the course in more detail. In particular, please pay attention to
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syllabus - Fall 11: CSci 5421Advanced Algorithms and Data...

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