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HW_06 - Write a short essay of at least 250 words on why...

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University of Minnesota Fall 2007 Economics 1102 Principles of Macroeconomics HW5 – Due November 30 th at 12PM in 1035 Heller Hall. On the top right corner of your homework write: Attention: Pouokam, Natalie and do not put Summer’s name on the HW. The HW must be submitted in 1035 Heller Hall unless you submit the HW next Wednesday in class. I will not accept any HW electronically. Test Yourself Questions from (Baumol and Blinder 2007 – 10 th Edition): 17.1, 17.2, 17A.1, 18.1, 18.2, 18.3, 19.1, 19.3 Essay Question: Find a story in a newspaper/magazine that is relevant to macroeconomics.
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Unformatted text preview: Write a short essay of at least 250 words on why you chose the article and the important points and/or questions that the article produces.-or-Expand on a question or issue from class. Write a short essay of at least 250 words explaining your points and/or questions on the question/issue.-or-Consider the Big Mac Purchasing Power Parity mentioned in Chapter 18 on page 368. Does Robert Cumby’s theory on exchange rates hold for the Euro area? For Japan? China?...
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