Old Exam 1 - Name_ TAs name (1 pt) TA (circle): Emily...

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Name_____________________________ TA’s name (1 pt) TA (circle): Emily Mir Discussion time (circle): 3:00-4:00 4:00-5:00 ME 326 Exam 1 1)___________/30 pts 2)___________/40 pts 3)___________/29 pts TA)___________/1 pts Total___________/100
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Define or describe the following terms with a single phrase or expression. a. isothermal process b. constant volume specific heat (mathematical definition) c. perfect gas d. adiabatic e. The right side of the vapor dome on a P-V diagram represents what state? f. What is the absolute pressure at the bottom of a swimming pool that is 10 m deep (kPa)? g. What is the quality (thermodynamic property) of the water coming out of a drinking fountain? (5 pts) h. The constant pressure specific heat of carbon monoxide gas at 400 K is Cp = 1.047 kJ/kg K. What is the value of its constant volume specific heat, Cv (kJ/kg K) at the same temperature? (4 pts) i. A balloon filled with argon at an initial temperature of 20 o C is submerged in ice-water until the temperature of the argon comes into thermal equilibrium with the ice-water at 0 o C. What is the change in specific internal energy of the argon (kJ/kg)?
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Old Exam 1 - Name_ TAs name (1 pt) TA (circle): Emily...

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