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100821 - EM 306 — Statics EXAM l S rin 2009 — Kontsos...

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Unformatted text preview: EM 306 — Statics EXAM l S rin 2009 — Kontsos Problem 3 m. .5331 a if, g {*9 The 80-lb bar is sgpportetl by~a1fall and socket support at A, the smooth wall it leans against, and the cable BC. The Wt If in the position shown in Figure 3 the bar is in equilibrium: i) [10 points] lo Draw its free-body diagram. ii) [25 points] (‘9 Determine the tension T in cable BC and the reaction forces at points A and B. Good luck! EM 306 — Statics EXAM 1 S rin 2009 — Kontsos EID: a 6‘ Unique NumbeerT ‘ well 3 l4, Instructions: This is a closed book, closed notes test. You are allowed to use calculators. The duration of the test is 1.5 hours. Figure 1 Problem 2 135 points): Two cables in Figure 2 extend from point A to point B and fiom point A to point C. The cable AC exerts a 1000-lb force F at A. i) [5 points] @ Compute the gle between the cables AB and AC. \ ii) [15 [email protected] Determine the vector component of F parallel to the cable AB. iii) [15 points] Compute the moment of F about point B and the vector component of this moment alon the line defined by points B and C. @ o 1&013 Problem 1 (30 points): The bar of the figure is 1 m long, and acts at its midpoint. The distance _b = 0.75 m and the M angle a = 30°.mThe spring constant and the spring in unstretched when the bar is vertical (i.e. w‘glgggnzgf, .0). If the bar in the position shown in} Figure 1 is in equilibrium: i) [10 points] ” Draw its free-b0 y diagram. ii) [20 points] w Determine W . i a e reaction forces at point A. l l l l w l l l l l l l l )7 (0, 7, 0) ft (0, 0, 10) ft (14. 0, 14) ft Figure 2 ...
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