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101156 - EM 306 — Statics FINAL Fall 2008 Kontsos Name...

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Unformatted text preview: EM 306 — Statics FINAL Fall 2008 - Kontsos Name: EID: Unique Number: Instructions: This is a closed book, closed notes test. You are allowed to use calculators. The duration of the test is 3 hours. Problem 1 120 points): H5 m (35:11 H.511] (1.5 m . -‘ -- -4 1”] o- - A speaker with mass m = 130 kg is suspended from the truss by cables attached at D and E, as shown in Figure 1. Determine the axial forces in members BC and CD. Figure 1 Problem 2 120 points 2: i The weight of the rectangular plate of “WSW?”an Axum W) m mm Figure 2 is W=4 kg and is applied at its if” ' ' centroid G. Determine the tension T Q, I) X, H of the cable if you are given that the {Eat I, moment that the weight and the cable / {x QM; // tension create about the line defined by B \m , ‘ points A and B is zero. (Hint: You don’t ixtkmgk // need to compute the reactions at points m. 18H. .WU 111111”;:;-~n~\ A and B). p 1““ IJHH. 5». mm mm Figure 2 EM 306 — Statics FINAL Fall 2008 - Kontsos Problem 3 120 points): Each of the three blocks of Figure 3 weights 200 lb. Determine the largest force F that can be applied without causing the block to slip upward. Given is that the coefficient of static friction between all surfaces is equal to 0.1. Figure 3 Problem 4 120 points 3: For the frame of Figure 4, determine i the internal shear force and bending 1 ‘m moment at point A. Also draw the shear force and bending moment i diagrams of beam BC. I m 3 m—-—+—«~ l m—>« Im ~« Im '- Figure 4 Problem 5 120 points): An agronomist wants to measure the rainfall at x the centroid of the plowed field between two roads, as shown in Figure 5. What are the coordinates of the point where the rain gauge should be placed? (L5 mi e “.5 mi >‘ (Lb mi —r¢ > Figure 5 ...
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