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It is important to conduct business research in order to objectively make decisions. Assume you are a supervisor for a manufacturing company, which is experiencing lower sales this year compared to the same period last year. What research would you conduct to determine why sales are lower? What data would you collect and analyze? Which employees would you contact? Which outside consultants, if any, would you contact? Justify your answers using examples and reasoning. Comment on the postings of at least two  peers concerning whether you agree or disagree with their views. The first thing that I would  do in order to conduct the research is come up with and lay out the questions. I need to find out if the  cause is from economical reason or new competition. If it is because of new competition I need to find out what the other company 
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Unformatted text preview: is providing and my company is not. If it is due to the economy I need to find out how I can make my items affordable. I then would consult with my coworkers. I need to talk to the sales staff and see what their solutions would be. I may also talk to IT and the marketing staff and see what solutions they propose. I do not think I would hire an outside consultant. I would want to work with my team and fix the solution from there. If we cannot fix it in a determined amount of time, I make look into a consultant. References. Cooper, D.; Schindler, P. (2011). “Business Research Methods”. 11th Edition. New York, NY. McGraw-Hill Irwin. South University Online. “Basic Research Process”. Quantitative Business analysis. www.myeclassonline.com...
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