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It’s important to conduct research in an ethical fashion. No one should be negatively impacted by research. Sam is a manager at a fast-food restaurant. About two months ago, his boss asked him to submit  a report regarding whether the company should open another fast-food restaurant in town. Sam  has not yet had a chance to create the report, yet it’s due in two days. While going to the store to  get some paper to write the report, Sam noticed an envelope in the store’s parking lot. The  envelope contained his main competing fast-food restaurant’s logo and was marked  “Confidential.” Sam wondered what was in the envelope. He opened the envelope and it  contained the same type of report that Sam’s boss had asked Sam to create, which was due in  two days.  What should Sam do with the envelope/report that he found? Should Sam return the envelope/report that he found in the parking lot to his competitor? Why or
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