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Case Guidelines and Case Report Template Introduction: The purpose of this article was to inform the reader of the National Labor Relation Board on their recent findings. The article discusses if it is legal for an employer to hold a policy that does not allow an individual to use work email at work for non-work related emails. It discusses one company in particular Guard and goes into detail of what they have and have not done. In the end the NLRB decided that the company did not violate any laws. Part 1 Communication Problems and Your Communication Objectives I think the communication problem here is the company informing their employees of policy. I know that anytime a company hires someone new that the policy and information is issued to them and it is their responsibility from there. However, if this was such a huge issues for the company they should have insure that each employee knew that. In addition I think that the leaders or managers failed by staying on top of this and handling it before corporate discovered the emails. Ranked Issues and Relevant Information The biggest issue is the fact that I’m sure all employees did not know about the policy that was in place. I feel that with the amount of employees that the article implies doing this that there is
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w5a3 - Case Guidelines and Case Report Template...

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