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Problem set 4 and 5 - 3 D a No(hydrophobic that’s for...

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Problem set 4 1 a. double b. one fourth c. activation energy would be higher so velocity lowered 2.acid-base catalysis 3. a. Vo = ( Vmax [S] ) / ( Km + [S] ) 6.Km’ = Km (1+[I]/Ki) Problem set 5 1. Multi step reaction a. Competitive inhibition b/c Km… 2. a. Allosteric inhibitor b. Covalent regulation c. Competitive inhibition d. Allosteric activator e. Higher concentration needed to reach same point so inhibition- allosteric e.i. But same Vmax just more enzyme needed to get there
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Unformatted text preview: 3. D a. No (hydrophobic that’s for benzene ring side pockets) b. Yes- covalent catalysis c. Oxyanion hole 4. Hist, serine, aspartate (asp least reduction in role b/c it just facilitates formation of protonated histidine which could be done other ways) 5. EDTA binds metal b/c it’s a chelator so mechanism must involve a metal Competing for active site (inhibitor) 6. See badmin notes- back of cover...
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