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chem233_postlab4 - Natural Product Extraction 1 0.143 grams...

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Natural Product Extraction 1. 0.143 grams of trimyristin were recovered from an original mass of 7.05 grams. This means the percent recovery was 2.1%. 2. The trimyristin contained a noticeable amount of impurities which made is less pure than desirable. The experimental melting point was 49.7°-51.5°C, compared to a theoretical melting point of 56°-57°C. The range is not large, but the actual beginning and ending of the melting point is considerably lower than what it should be, so the trimyristin cannot be considered very pure. 3. Acetone was added because many of the impurities in around trimyristin are soluble in it, but trimyristin itself is not, so it helps the crystallization process because it makes the trimyristin purer and more crystals can easily form then. 4. The boiling point of trimyristin is extremely 311°C while diethyl ether is 34.6°C, so there is a huge difference. I do not think one simple distillation was enough for this experiment, just solely based on the fact that my percent recovery was so low. More distillation could have improved it,
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