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Post lab 7: E1 1A. One physical reason for not obtaining a 100% yield is that the entire distillate was not boiled off and collected during the fractional or simple distillation. This would mean that the entire product was not collected from the starting material. Another reason is a chemical one, as the SN1 pathway is a far less likely alternative, but some cyclohexanes could have been produced, which detracts from the amount of cyclohexene that was measured as the product. 1B. When we performed our Bayer test, we only needed one drop to turn a solution of ethanol a purple color and two drops solidified this color throughout the mixture. When the drops were placed in the product, it only took 4 drops to stay a dark color. This color was brown, which was not the purple seen when ethanol was tested, but it was dark and sustained the color. The results indicate that double bonds were present in our molecule, but because the difference was not that great, I believe some molecules went through the competing SN1 pathway and became
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