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chem233_postlab9 - Post Lab 9 Electrophilic Aromatic...

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Post Lab 9: Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution 1. Some chemical reasons for not obtaining a 100% yield of product could be that ortho and para products were formed instead of methyl m-nitrobenzoate. Physical reasons include losing part of the reactants during steps that involved transfer and filtration. Our filtration was problematic, as the crystallized product flowed through the filter paper and into the flask on our first trial, and some still went through after our second and final attempt. 2. Based on the melting point of our product, which was 77.1-79.5°C, our product was highly pure as it this relates very closely to the literature melting point of 78-80°C. It could have improved, however, by performing the vacuum filtration step again, as ours specifically, let the product go through, and thus was not very distinguishable from the rest of the mixture. The TLC also showed the product was different from methyl benzoate, so there was not much reactant left, which means it was fairly pure.
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