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Unformatted text preview: Animal Behavior: Learning Complex Learning Latent Learning If you place a rat in a maze with no food, the rat will simply run around the maze, familiarizing itself with the surroundings. If you then return the rat to the same maze the next day and add food, the rat will find the food much more quickly then will a rat placed in the maze with food for the first time. This is an example of latent learning. The rat has familiarized himself with a stimulus in the absence of any association with a positive or negative stimulus. Imitation Many animals learn by imitation of conspecifics (same species animals). Macaques learn to wash sandy food by watching other members of the same species do the same. Another example of learning by imitation is the mobbing behavior of birds. European blackbirds mob predatory birds, such as owls, to chase away or perhaps kill the potential dangerous enemies. In an experiment to determine if this was a behavior learned by imitation, a naïve and experienced bird...
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