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Animal Behavior: Learning Terms Latent learning - The process by which an individual familiarizes itself with a stimulus without the association of a positive or negative stimulus. Non-associative learning - The opposite of associative learning; learning in which there is no connected stimulus. Habituation is an example of non-associative learning. Operant conditioning - The process by which a behavior not normally associated with a given stimulus becomes associated by combination with a positive or negative stimulus. Compare with classical conditioning. Precocial - This term is used to describe species of birds in which hatching occurs relatively late in development. Compare with altricial. Sensitized - An individual is sensitized when it is presented with a strong or novel stimulus. Any stimulus given after sensitization will receive a stronger response than normal. Compare
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Unformatted text preview: with dishabituation. Sexual imprinting - A type of general imprinting in which individuals recognize and, later in life, are attracted to features of their opposite-sex siblings and parents. Unconditional response - A response to a stimulus that is directly related to the nature of the stimulus rather than being dependent upon the association of that stimulus with another stimulus. In Pavlov's conditioning experiments with dogs, salivation at the presentation of food is the unconditional response. Compare with conditional response. Unconditional stimulus - A stimulus that is directly related to a response. In Pavlov's conditioning experiments with dogs, the presentation of food was the unconditional stimulus because it evoked the natural response of salivation in preparation for eating. Compare with conditional stimulus....
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