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Animal Behavi16 - Animal Behavior Learning Terms Altricial...

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Animal Behavior: Learning Terms Altricial - This term is used to describe species of birds in which hatching occurs relatively early in development. Compare with precocial. Associative Learning - Learning connected to a positive or negative stimulus. Classical Conditioning and Operant Conditioning are exaples of associative learning. Classical conditioning - The process by which an individual learns to associate an unconditional stimulus with a conditional stimulus but receives no benefit from doing so. Pavlov's experiments, in which he conditioned dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell (UCS) because they associated the sound with receiving food, is an example of classical conditioning. Compare with operant conditioning. Conditional response - A response to a stimulus that is dependent upon the association of that stimulus with another stimulus. In Pavlov's conditioning experiments with dogs, salivation at the sound of a bell is the conditional response. Compare with unconditional response.
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