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Animal Behavior: Instinct Behavioral Endocrinology Introduction to Endocrinology Endocrinology is the study of hormones, chemical messengers that target organs and influence many processes, from growth to reproduction. Here we will consider only those hormones that influence behavior. Hormones are secreted by ductless glands and are carried through the body by the circulatory system. Hormones called neurosecretions are produced by neurosecretory cells in the nervous system and are carried through the body by both nerve axons and in the blood. Both the nervous system and the endocrine system act as feedback systems; the nervous system produces much faster results, whereas the endocrine system is slower acting, longer lasting, and produces more general responses. The endocrine system has been mostly evolutionarily static, meaning it is often highly similar between species.
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Unformatted text preview: The control center of vertebrate endocrine systems is the pituitary gland, located in the brain. The hypothalamus funnels information into the pituitary gland mostly via the osmotic balance in several key ganglion nuclei-- the optichiasm, superoptic, medial, lateral, dorsal, and ventral nuclei. The pituitary gland is really two glands formed from two separate embryonic structures. The anterior pituitary secretes hormones, including growth, thyroid stimulating, and follicle stimulating hormones, as well as prolactin. The posterior pituitary acts as a storage bag for hormones. It is responsible for oxytocin and antidiuretics, which control water balance. Hormones secreted by the pituitary are intended for target organs, which either produce other hormones in turn, or function in response to the pituitary signal....
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