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Animal Behavi31 - Animal Behavior Instinct Terms...

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Animal Behavior: Instinct Terms Interoreceptors - Neurological receptors that receive information about the organism's internal body. Key stimuli - The stimulus that releases a fixed action pattern (FAP). Lateral inhibition - A system of vision in which excited neurons inhibit neighboring neurons to make edges appear sharper. Mechanoreceptors - Neurological receptors that receive tactile information through deformation of the neuron. Monozygotic twins - Twins resulting from the division of a fertilized egg. Natural selection - The mechanism by which evolution produces population changes through the differential survival and reproduction of members of a population. Neurons - Nerve cells. Neurosecretions - Analogous to hormones, but produced by specialized neurons and carried through the axons. Neurotransmitter - Chemicals released by the axon terminals of one neuron to stimulate another neuron when it is picked up by its dendrites.
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