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Animal Behavi32 - Animal Behavior Instinct Terms Alleles A...

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Animal Behavior: Instinct Terms Alleles - A variation of a gene. Some genes may have several different alleles. For example, the gene for blood type has A, B, and O alleles. Artificial selection - Analogous to natural selection, except that humans control the differential reproductive success of variations within a selected population. See more on Artificial Selection . Catecholamines - Amines that bind to the cell surface and act as hormones or neurotransmitters. Chemoreception - The neurological process of receiving information from a chemical signal. Configurational key stimuli - A key stimulus (KS) composed of multiple stimuli that together produce a response. Conspecifics - Members of the same species. Dizygotic twins - Twins born from the simultaneous fertilization of two different eggs by two different sperm. Endocrinology - The study of the bodily secretions, namely hormones, that affect the organism in which they are produced.
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