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Behavioral Ecology Terms Marginal value theory - A mathematical model to analyze when an animal should leave a food patch in search of another, fresher patch. Reminiscent of the economic principle of the law of diminishing returns . Meiosis - Cell division from one cell into four cells during two separate divisions. The result are haploid cells. Mitosis - Cell division from one cell into two. Resultant daughter cells have the same number of chromosomes as the parent cell. Monogamy - A mating strategy in which two individuals from a permanent pair-bond. Most cases are actually behavioral monogamy where males contribute to parenting and protection, but both sexes may engage in extra-pair copulations. Optimality - Behavior analyzed in terms analogous to economic decision making. Operational Sex Ration (OSR) - The Operational sex ratio is the ratio of sexually available females to ready males. Parthenogenesis
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