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Behavioral Ecolog8 - with his partner or he can defect and...

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Behavioral Ecology Game Theory In animal conflicts, such as territory or food source defense, the success of one animal's chosen strategy depends on the strategies of the other individuals involved. Because of this, animal conflicts can be modeled after simple games, such as "Rock, Paper, Scissors," in which the outcome of the game depends on which strategies each player chooses. The benefit or detriment to each player is measured quantitatively, usually as the number of offspring (fitness), or net energy gain in calories. The Prisoner's Dilemma Figure %: Prisoner's Dilemma Payoff Matrix The Prisoner's Dilemma is a classic game used in behavioral biology, psychology, and even in business. In this game, we have two partners in crime who are brought into the police station for interrogation. They are isolated from each other immediately and interrogated separately so they do not have the chance to discuss a strategy. Each prisoner has two options, he can cooperate
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Unformatted text preview: with his partner or he can defect and confess. If both cooperate with each other, neither is caught, both are rewarded, and so there is a high payoff (3). However, if you cooperate and your partner rats you out, you become the sucker and go to jail while he gets away (0). If you defect while your partner keeps silent, the payoff is the highest (5), because you can probably receive immunity for any crime you committed. If you both rat each other out, you may get time off for confessing, but you will both still be punished (1). Given the stated payoffs, the logical action seems to be to defect no matter what your partner does because your payoff is always higher if you defect. This is true when the game is only played once. However, in situations when the game or contest repeats several times, the optimal strategy is to mimic your partner's behavior....
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