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Natural Selectio4 - Morphs The different physical forms a...

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Natural Selection Terms Artificial selection - Selection by humans for desired traits. Also called domestication or breeding. Choice - In sexual selection, the competition for attention from the opposite sex. Contest - In sexual selection, fights or aggressive displays between same-sex individuals of the same species; contests usually determine possession of territory or mates. Directional Selection - When selection pressures favor one extreme of the trait distribution. Disruptive Selection - When the average form of the trait is selected against while either extreme is unaffected. Fitness - The probability that an individual will contribute its genes to the next generation.
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Unformatted text preview: Morphs - The different physical forms a trait may have. Long necks and short necks are examples of morphs. Natural Selection - The theory holding that competition exists within species, determining which species live to have offspring, and pass their traits on to those offspring. Polymorphic - A trait that exists in several different morphs is polymorphic. Stabilizing Selection - When selection pressures favor the average form of the trait. Sexual Selection - The selection of traits based on their role in courtship and mating. Trait - A particular characteristic of an individual plant or animal....
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