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Speciatio2 - Speciation Terms Alleles Variations of a given...

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Speciation Terms Alleles - Variations of a given gene. Allelic frequency - The frequency with which a particular allele appears among the possible alleles in a population. Allopatric speciation - The creation of a new species due to the geographic isolation of a population. Compare with sympatric speciation. Anagenesis - The creation of a new species from a single lineage. Compare with cladogenesis. Cladogenesis - The splitting of a single lineage into two new species. Founder effect - When separated, two populations may have contained different allelic frequencies than the original population. Selection and genetic drift will act differently on these two different genetic backgrounds, creating genetic differences between the two new species. Gene - Genes are the hereditary factors that produce traits. Gene flow - The movement of genes through a population or between two populations through mating Genetic drift - Random changes in allelic frequencies due to chance rather than selection.
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