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DNA Replication Mismatch repair - One class of DNA repair system. Recognizes and removes mutations that result from base-pairing that is not complementary. Okazaki fragment - Short stretches of newly synthesized DNA found on the lagging strand during DNA replication. Origin of replication - Site of initiation of DNA replication. Short, usually internal stretch in a DNA helix that opens so that each strand is separate for DNA replication. Parent strand - In DNA replication, refers to the pre-existing single strand of DNA that is copied into a new strand of DNA via complementary base pairing. Pyrophosphate - A two phosphate-containing molecule. In DNA replication, it is released from a 2' deoxyribonucleoside triphosphate during its addition to a growing, newly synthesized DNA strand. Its subsequent hydrolysis provides the energy for the addition reaction. Replication fork - Term used to describe the junction at which nucleotide substrates are being added to a growing DNA chain during DNA replication. Its shape resembles a "Y" where the two
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