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DNA Translation Transfer RNA In The Genetic Code , we explained how each codon in messenger RNA (mRNA) codes for a specific amino acid, and that in the process of translation the mRNA brings the amino acids together to form proteins. That explanation is correct, but it is also simplified, and overlooks a crucial component of the translation process. That component is transfer RNA (tRNA), which acts as a kind of link between the information encoded in the mRNA and the amino acids. If the mRNA is a code, then the tRNA is the key that interprets that code into physical proteins. This section will describe the structure of tRNA and describe how tRNA can "carry" amino
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Unformatted text preview: acids; knowledge of these aspects of tRNA will be vital for understanding the actual process of proteins synthesis covered next section . Specificity of Charging The specificity of the charging reaction is maintained through two mechanisms. First, amino acids recognize the correct tRNA through distinguishing features on the tRNA, such as the acceptor stem, D stem, and anti-codon stem. Second, the entire process of charging is goverened by a proofreading system that ensures the appropriate amino acid has been loaded onto each tRNA molecule. The proof- reading mechanism checks the reaction at both steps to ensure proper pairing....
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