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DNA Translation Terms Anticodon - The sequence of three nucleotides located on the anticodon arm of the tRNA cloverleaf structure. The anticodon bonds in antiparallel fashion with a codon of mRNA at the acceptor site of a ribosome during translation. Small subunit - The smaller of two prokaryotic ribosomal subunits. Responsible for binding to the ribosome binding site on the mRNA. Large subunit - The larger of the two prokaryotic ribosomal subunits. Binds after the small subunit binds to mRNA, creating the initiation complex. Initiation complex - The prokaryotic ribosomal complex formed by the binding of the small and large subunits. Responsible for carrying out DNA translation on an mRNA strand. Acceptor site - A three-nucleotide position in a ribosome that binds to an aminoacyl tRNA, a tRNA molecule bearing an amino acid.
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Unformatted text preview: Acceptor stem - One secondary structural feature of tRNA. Contains the sequence CCA and has a free 3' OH. Binds to the amino acid. Adenylylation - The first step in tRNA charging. Involves the "activation" of an amino acid so that the acid can be bound to a tRNA molecule. The process of activation involves the transfer of an AMP group from ATP to the amino acid. Aminoacyl tRNA - A tRNA molecule that has been charged. It is loaded with an amino acid and is ready to participate in translation at the ribosome, where it binds to the acceptor site. Aminoacyl-tRNA synthase - The enzyme that catalyzes the bond between specific tRNA and amino acid, to form aminoacyl tRNA. Anticodon arm - A secondary structural feature of tRNA. Contains the anticodon that base pairs with an mRNA codon during translation....
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