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Fungi Terms Antheridium - A male reproductive organ found in ascomycota. Ascogonium - The female reproductive organ of ascomycota Ascogonius hypha - A dikaryotic hypha that grows out of a fertilized ascogonium. Ascus - The reproductive structure of ascomycota in which fusion, meiosis , and spore formation take place. Basidioma - The fruiting body of basidiomycota in which basidia form. Basidium - The club-shaped reproductive structure of basidiomycota in which fusion, meiosis , and spore formation take place. Binucleate - Having two nuclei. Budding - Asexual reproductive process in which a small portion of the cell membrane and cytoplasm receive a nucleus and pinch off from the parent cell. Cellulose
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Unformatted text preview: - A major component of plant and algal cell walls. Compare with chitin. Chitin - A major component of fungal cell walls that is not found in the cell walls of any other group. Compare with cellulose. Clamp connection - The structure by which basidiomycota cells divide while retaining their binucleate dikaryotic condition. Conidiophore - Structure in which asexually-produced spores called conidia are formed. Dikaryotic - Having two distinct sets of genetic information. Gametangia - In zygomycota, the cells which fuse to become the zygote. Fruiting body - A general term for elaborate structures that contain spore-forming cells. Hypha - Individual filaments of fungal cells; compare with mycelium....
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