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Introduction to Mitosi4 - Introduction to Mitosis Terms...

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Introduction to Mitosis Terms Anaphase - The fourth stage of mitosis during which sister chromosomes are separated and pulled to opposite ends of the cell by kinetochore microtubules. Contractile ring - A ring of protein filaments that encircles the region of the metaphase plate in a dividing cell. Responsible for pinching the cell until it separates into two independent cells. Cytokinesis - The final part of M Phase, during which a cell with duplicated contents splits into two independent cells. Kinetochores - Sites on replicated, bound sister chromatids to which microtubules bind, thereby becoming kinetochore microtubules. M phase - The name given to the five separate steps of mitosis and the final cleavage of the cell in cytokinesis. Metaphase - The third stage of mitosis during which kinetochore microtubules* align sister chromatids along the metaphase plate at the center of the cell. Metaphase plate - An imaginary line found half way between the two mitotic spindle poles on which chromosomes align during metaphase.
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