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Introduction to Plants The kingdom Plantae encompasses water-dwelling red and green algae as well as terrestrial plants, which have evolved to support themselves outside of the aquatic environment of their ancestors. This SparkNote focuses on the terrestrial plants, which include bryophytes (mosses) as well as the more highly evolved vascular plants, called tracheophytes. As a consequence of their move onto land, terrestrial plants require structures that support their weight, prevent desiccation (drying out), aid in reproduction, and transport water, nutrients, and the products of photosynthesis throughout the parts of the plant. Bryophytes have not yet made the complete transition to land, and are thus still dependent upon a moist environment to assist in reproduction and nutrient transport. The more highly evolved tracheophytes, on the other hand, have developed internal systems of transport and support called vascular systems, which have allowed them to become fully terrestrial.
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