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Plant Classificatio4 - Plant Classification Terms Root The...

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Plant Classification Terms Root - The part of a plant beneath the soil; responsible for collecting water and minerals from the soil, storing nutrients, and securing the plant to the ground. Root Hair - An outgrowth of a plant root that provides an increased surface area for the absorption of water and dissolved minerals from the soil. Sapwood - In contrast to heartwood, the part of a tree closer to the periphery that is comprised of the functioning xylem cells. It is important to remember that "functioning" xylem cells does not equate to "living" xylem cells. All xylem cells are dead at maturity. Secondary Growth - A plant's growth in width, which takes place in the lateral meristems. Self-pollination - The process by which the male gametes of a plant fertilize the eggs of the same plant. Sieve Element - A living conductive cell of phloem. Sporangium - The part of a plant where spores are produced. Spore - Haploid cell from which a gametophyte is produced.
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