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Plant Classification Terms Heterospory - The reproductive phenomenon, characteristic of gymnosperms and angiosperms, whereby spores of two distinct sexes are produced; these spores develop into sex-specific gametophytes. Lateral Meristem - A term for the two types of tissue, vascular cambium and cork cambium. These tissues produce a vascular plant's secondary growth, which is a growth in width. Megaspore - Female spore; gives rise to a female gametophyte. Microspore - Male spore; gives rise to a male gametophyte. Monocot - A flowering plant (angiosperm) that possesses one cotyledon during embryonic development. Ovary - In plants, the protective structure that holds the ovules and surrounds the angiosperm seed; after fertilization, develops into a fruit. Ovule - Structure that contains the female gametophyte and gametes; after fertilization, develops into a seed.
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Unformatted text preview: Phloem - Vascular tissue composed of cells (sieve elements and companion cells) that are living at maturity; transports the essential products of photosynthesis throughout the plant body. Photosynthesis - The process by which plants and other autotrophic organisms convert light energy into vital organic materials. Polar Nuclei - Two nuclei, contained within the same cell, that are created from the mitotic division of the megaspore during angiosperm reproduction. The Polar nuclei unite in the ovule to form a fusion nucleus, which gives rise to endosperm when fertilized. Pollen Grain - The male gametophyte of gymnosperms and angiosperms. Pollen Tube - The outgrowth of a pollen grain that creates a path through the female sex organ in order to penetrate to the egg cells. Primary Growth - The vertical growth of the plant that takes place in the apical meristems....
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