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Plant Classification Terms Dicot - A flowering plant (angiosperm) that possesses two cotyledons during embryonic development. Diploid - Having two sets of chromosomes, one from each parent. Double Fertilization - The mechanism of angiosperm fertilization that involves the joining of haploid gametes to create a diploid zygote, and the simultaneous joining of a second sperm cell with a fusion nucleus to create a triploid nucleus (which becomes the endosperm). Endosperm - A substance, formed from a triploid nucleus in angiosperm reproduction, that nourishes a developing embryo within a seed. Epidermal - Refers to the cells that lie on the outer surface of an organism. Fibrous Roots - A system of many small, branching roots (none of which predominates) that spread out in the top few centimeters of soil; characteristic of monocots.
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Unformatted text preview: Fusion Nucleus - The diploid product formed by the joining of the two polar nuclei in the angiosperm ovule. Gamete - A haploid sex cell (either an egg or sperm cell); male and female gametes join during fertilization to create a diploid zygote. Gametophyte - A haploid plant or plant structure that produces haploid gametes through mitosis. Gemmae - Specialized liverwort cells that allow the plants to reproduce asexually; when broken off from the parent plant, these cells can grow independently into new gametophyte plants. Gymnosperm - A vascular non-flowering plant (commonly known as a conifer) in which seeds are not protected by an ovary. Haploid - Having only one set of chromosomes. Heartwood - In contrast to sapwood, a term for the dead, clogged xylem cells near the center of a tree. Heartwood is the tree's main column of support....
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