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Plant Structures Filament - The stalk of the stamen, the male reproductive organ of the flower. Guard cell - One of the two epidermal cells that surround the stoma of the leaf and regulate gas exchange by opening and closing the stoma. Gynoecium - The innermost flower whorl, containing the pistil(s), the female reproductive organ(s) of the flower. Heartwood - Wood made up of xylem that is no longer functioning in nutrient transport. Herbaceous Dicot - A plant, usually an annual, with a soft, non-woody stem. Hypocotyl - The portion of the embryonic axis below the point of attachment of the cotyledons; develops into the root. Mesophyll - The internal tissue of a leaf; specialized for photosynthesis. Monocot - An flowering plant (angiosperm) that possesses one cotyledon during embryonic development. Ovary - In plants, the protective structure that holds the ovules and surrounds the angiosperm
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Unformatted text preview: seed; composed of carpels and found at the base of the pistil. Ovule - Structure that contains the female gametophyte and gametes; after fertilization, develops into a seed. Palisade Layer - A layer of the mesophyll. The palisade layer is made up chloroplasts arranged in columns and located just below the epidermis of plant cells. In most plants, the palisade layer exists only on the top of the life, where the leaf receives sunlight. In some plants, in which leaves hang down and both sides of the leaves receive sunlight, the palisade layer is on both sides of the leaf. Parenchyma cells - The most common type of plant cell. Parenchyma are not particularly specialized, are usually round, and can be found in leaves, stems, and roots. Parenchyma cells are alive at maturity. Perianth - Nonreproductive portion of a flower comprised of the calyx and corolla....
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