Plant Structures - roots spread out close to the surface....

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Plant Structures Roots Roots are vital to the plant in a variety of ways: they provide stability, store nutrients, and act as the primary source of water and nutrient acquisition. In general, the root comprises all parts of the plat that lie beneath the soil, even though most of the tissues of the plant, including the vascular tissues, are continuous throughout the root and shoot (stem, leaves, flowers, etc.). There are three different types of root structure. A taproot, characteristic of dicots, is a single dominant root from which smaller, secondary roots extend. In a fibrous root system, composed of many small roots, no single root dominates. Taproots stretch deep into the soil, while fibrous
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Unformatted text preview: roots spread out close to the surface. Adventitious roots develop on vines after embryonic development and help plants cling to substrates other than the soil, such as a tree trunks. Typical roots contain three different sections, or zones: the meristematic zone, the zone of elongation, and the zone of differentiation. In the meristematic zone, named after the apical meristem, the plant cells undergo rapid mitotic division, creating new cells for root growth. These new cells, once they enter the zone of elongation, begin,unsurprisingly, to elongate, furnishing the root with added length. The zone of differentiation containsmature, specialized cells, such as phloem, xylem, and root hairs....
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Plant Structures - roots spread out close to the surface....

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