Plants - new plants Grafting Grafting is an artificial form...

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Plants: Essential Processes Tubers Tubers, such as potatoes, are fleshy underground storage structures composed of enlarged parts of the stem. A tuber functions in asexual propagation as a result of the tiny scale leaves equipped with buds that grow on its surface. Each of these buds can form a new plant, genetically identical to the parent. Figure %: A Potato Runners Runners, such as those found on strawberry plants, are slender horizontal stems that spread outward from the main plant . Entirely new plants can develop from nodes located at intervals on the runners; each node can give rise to new roots and shoots. Figure %: Runners Bulbs Bulbs, such as onions and tulips, are roughly spherical underground buds with fleshy leaves extending from their short stems. Each bulb contains several other buds which can give rise to
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Unformatted text preview: new plants. Grafting Grafting is an artificial form of vegetative propagation in which parts of two young plants are joined together, first by artificial means and then by tissue regeneration. Typically, a twig or bud is cut from one plant and joined to a rooted plant of a related species or variety. The twig or bud is called the scion, and the plant onto which is it grafted (and that provides the roots) is called the stock. The scion eventually develops into an entire shoot system. Grafting often allows horticulturalists to combine the best features of two different plants into one plant. Sometimes the stock and scion retain independent characteristics, and sometimes the stock alters the characteristics of the scion in some desirable way....
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Plants - new plants Grafting Grafting is an artificial form...

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